Former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has said scoring goals in five World Championships is a rare achievement he could never have dreamed of.

Ronaldo said this via his verified post Facebook Page on Friday, saying the achievement means proving that nothing is impossible.

“Scoring goals in five World Championships is something I never dreamed of achieving, but it also proves that there is nothing impossible. The pride I feel representing Portugal can only be matched when I score goals for my country Paralleled with joy, translated into victory for our people. Let’s get started! This is just the beginning!” he posted.

Ronaldo made history on Thursday when he became the first man to score in five World Cups in Portugal’s opener against Ghana in Qatar.

The Portugal captain opened the scoring at Doha’s 974 Stadium with a 65th-minute penalty – his 118th goal for his country. Portugal went on to win 3-2 with goals from Joao Felix and Rafael Leao to see them through two nights’ efforts in Ghana.

Ronaldo, 37, is the most prolific goalscorer in men’s international football and has capped a record 18 World Cup appearances for Portugal.

His latest milestone comes after he left Manchester United by mutual agreement.

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