Amid the global economic downturn and local economic difficulties, Nigerians have turned to Konga Yakata as a suitable way to shop at affordable prices this season without breaking the bank.

E-commerce platform Konga has released a statement saying its Konga Yakata Black Friday sale is seen as the biggest sale of the year in Nigeria’s annual shopping calendar, which starts on November 11 and runs until Monday, December. December 2022.

Anthony Nwabuisi, head of group marketing, said the company had seen an increase in sales ahead of the global Black Friday celebrations on Friday, November 25, 2022.

”This year’s Konga Yakata is off to an impressive start for us. Despite undeniably tough economic conditions, overall buying sentiment remained well above expectations. We’re already seeing tons of verified orders, and we’re not even into Black Friday, the 25th. “

He also commented on how Konga Yakata has been a key sales event for shoppers, adding that consumers understand they can rely on Konga for value and guaranteed best prices – factors that have become even more important given current realities.

He said, “Yes, we’re seeing higher order counts and GMV. But the economic situation in general is affecting offtake. That’s also generally affecting average order value because when we compare this year to last year, we The trend is N21k over N26k last year. However, we are seeing more and more people embracing smarter shopping in terms of transactions and pricing, consumers are now actually focusing more on FMCG and groceries instead of mobile phones, computing Wait.

”Nevertheless, the adoption rate has been very good. We have high online sessions and traffic, and in fact, for us, it’s about keeping the platform stable in the face of traffic spikes and giving our customers the best possible experience. Offline, we have also recorded good reviews from Konga physical stores across the country. In fact, retail sales are trending at 64.49% with an average footfall of over 2,000 people across all our stores,” he concluded.

“The 2022 edition of Konga Yakata will be held from Friday, November 11 to Monday, December 12, 2022.”

The company noted that Konga Food allows shoppers to enjoy 50% discount on food and beverages when they download and place an order through Konga Food, as well as various benefits, including free delivery or buy one get one free at select restaurants. Konga food app.

Shoppers can also enjoy an additional 5% discount for customers paying with KongaPay wallet throughout the duration of Konga Yakata. KongaPay, a CBN licensed mobile money platform, was recently named Nigeria’s leading digital payment service provider for e-commerce transactions by Statista, a globally renowned market and consumer data company.

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