Ayodele Subair, Executive Chairman, Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, has been awarded the Most Innovative CEO Award 2022 by The New Telegraph Awards 2022.

The recent awards ceremony in Lagos was attended by several other honorees and dignitaries.

The New Telegraph, organizers of the awards, explained: “Subair is honored for his landmark progress since becoming LIRS Executive Chairman in 2016, as he was able to implement strategic innovations and increase initial revenue from N240 billion to Doubling to N427 billion, his astute knowledge and experience in accounting and taxation.”

It lists Subair’s other achievements, including driving a tax revolution at LIRS; launching eTax in 2019; launching a whistleblowing initiative in 2022; staff reforms and benefits upgrades (from 2017 to present) and the introduction of the IBILE HUB program (2021).

Others include a technology-driven operational overhaul of LIRS to be established in 2022, with a Smart Unit – an undercover management team specially trained in information gathering and intelligence reporting to provide information on all taxpayers in Lagos State and ensure that Agencies have sufficient information to conduct proper investigative analysis to expose tax defaulters.

He also developed the LIRS Service Charter (2021); introduced automation of excise tax collection (2017-2018); established the Joint State Revenue Commission (JSRC) in 2021 and led the agency to create the highest income.

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