Erisco Foods Limited has accused officials of the central business district of Lagos State of brutally treating three workers in the state and holding them inside the Black Maria for up to six hours.

Punch the subway It is understood the company’s workers, including a driver and two others, were on their way to deliver goods to the factory when they saw a driver’s vehicle parked on Billing Way Street in the state’s Ikeja region.

The company’s chief executive, Eric Umeofia, was concerned by the observation, in separate petitions to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and CBD management. He said the company’s driver drove close to his colleague to see if everything was OK. Fine, adding that the driver was still in the car when CBD officers swooped in on him at around 10.30am on Friday, October 10, 2022.

He said, “A group of people claiming to be CBD officials blocked his car and tried to remove the license plate. Our driver refused because he didn’t know the crime he had committed and asked the officials if they were real government officials, Just let him drive to their office.

“But the CBD officers insisted they had to tow the vehicle as the spare tow vehicle was suspected of being their own private matter, which made the whole thing more personal. Amid the commotion, other people and passers-by even asked them what crime our driver had committed.

“The next thing they did was call for reinforcements, beat the driver, his motor boy and co-workers thoroughly, forcibly throw them into the Black Maria, lock them up, take them to their office, and keep them in the Black Maria for over Six years like a common criminal.

“Until our executive director went there and warned them they were illegal before releasing our workers. Three of them were beaten badly and are still in the hospital.”

Umeofia said the company’s vehicles carrying goods remained in the custody of the CBD, adding that a petition had been written to Sanwo-Olu and the CBD to expose unprovoked attacks on workers by agency officials.

National Information and Strategy Commissioner Gbenga Omotoso said in a telephone conversation with this newspaper that he was not aware of the case.

“I can’t speak because I don’t know what kind of person I’m talking to; if you need any clarification, please come to the office, this kind of discussion cannot take place over the phone,” Gbenga Oyerinde, special adviser to the governor of the BDC, said when contacted.

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