On Friday, the president’s daughter, Hanan Buhari, condemned the low reporting rate of rape in the country.

Ms Buhari made the announcement at the launch of the Hanan Buhari Foundation at the Presidential Ballroom in Abuja.

In her speech, Ms Buhari reiterated the need to address rape, while stressing the need to break the “culture of silence”.

She said, “According to a 2018 Nigerian Women and Men Statistics report, which uses data obtained from the police force and the Ministry of Justice, rapes of women and girls are on the rise. From 63 percent in 2015 to 2016 72.1% of the total.

“Despite increased activism, rape cases remain largely unreported. According to Nigeria’s National Anti-Human Trafficking Agency, only 32% of cases were reported between 2019 and 2022.

“There is no doubt that we need to stand up and break this culture of silence. Especially now that more and more women are starting to have the courage to speak out about their experiences of victimization.”

Referring to her new foundation, she said: “I can say that the foundation will be partnering with other high-profile institutions for this cause. We will focus on addressing violence, assault and rape.”

At the press conference, Pauline Tallen of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs also stated, “Before I took office, only 12 of our states had enshrined children’s rights bills in domestic law, but through active campaigning, I can proudly say today that number has increased to 34. We’re down to two states.

“As we fight gender-based violence, I call on all people of good will to begin with this administration. I commend the Hanan Buhari Foundation and your team for the fantastic work they are doing to bring this all together and call on all people of good will to of Nigerians join the fight against this horrific monster affecting our children.”

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