Three kidnap victims, including two teachers and a nurse, were freed from their captors on Wednesday after paying a ransom.

Punch the subway The victim is understood to have been abducted on Monday at Irele – Oke Ako Road, Ajoni Local Council Development Zone.

A source in the area told this newspaper that the principal of a middle school in the area, who was kidnapped along with three victims, escaped while the kidnappers were asleep.

One of the captured teachers tried to escape from his captors in a similar fashion to the principal, but was recaptured and forced to pay a ransom before he and two other victims were released, the sources said.

A community source said the two suspects were arrested shortly after the victim was freed.

Michael Ogungbemi, chairman of Ajoni LCDA, who confirmed the source, said: “The Joint Task Force successfully apprehended two suspects who are currently being questioned by the police. arrested.

Brigadier General Joe Komolafe (Ret.), Commander of the Ekiti State Amotekun Regiment, also confirmed the arrest.

“I can confirm to you that the two arrested suspects are in police custody. Regarding the released victims, they were initially taken to the hospital, but they have been reunited with their respective families,” he said.

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