Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi and Anambra state governor Prof Chukuma Soludo met in Anambra state capital Oka on Thursday.

The pair met at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church during the Thanksgiving mass that most Rev. Paulinus C. Ezeokafor celebrated his 70th birthday, and were seen hugging and exchanging pleasantries.

As soon as Soludo entered the church, he quickly walked to the place where Obi was sitting and hugged him, and everyone watched in amazement.

Describing the rift between him and Obi as mischief, Soludo insisted that the former Anambra governor remained his brother regardless of their political differences.

The premier dismissed Labor’s chances at the 2023 presidential election in an essay titled “History is calling, I will not remain silent”.

The article drew widespread criticism and repercussions across the country, especially from the “obey” movement, and the governor was heavily criticized.

Their unexpected meeting came amid a knock on the door following Soludo’s comments about President Obi’s ambitions.

Although, many are not looking forward to seeing these two reunite anytime soon.

But Soludou said during Thanksgiving mass that he would meet with Obi soon to iron out their differences, adding that their differences were political in nature.

He also dismissed rumors that he allegedly collected $28 million in bribes to defeat LP’s presidential candidate, saying he would be a trillionaire if he got involved.

He said: “Today is special. When we started the service, it was the first time my brother Peter Obi and I met at a public event and at the Catholic Church we both belong to. I think it’s sacred. of.

“As soon as I came in, I hurried to the place where he was sitting and hugged him. People looked confused, as if they were watching a play, and asked if it was the same person who was arguing.

“Let me tell you, just last night we talked twice. We’re brothers. You know I’m not one of those politicians who talk from both sides. I can’t pretend. I’m a politician and I want to make heaven too. I’ll Always tell the truth.

“On a personal level, there was no disagreement between Obi and I. No one took the other’s wife. The rift between us seemed to be fundamentally political. Nothing else.

“So for that kind of extortion and stuff, including them saying I take bribes for what I say, I let them take it, I use it to build roads. If Soludo takes bribes, I’m going to be a trillionaire.

“Regarding the fundamental differences we have, we will meet in the next few weeks. We agreed to discuss and iron out our differences. Unfortunately, he left. We have to get it done. Anambra is for all of us.”

While thanking God for Eze Okafor’s life, the governor noted the clergyman’s significant influence on him and his administration.

“You changed my mind when you visited my village house in 2019 and refused the foreign wine offered to you in lieu of toddy. Today at the Governor’s residence, the highest alcohol is toddy.

“I’m also humbled by the mid-size car you drive to my house. You tell me you choose not to choose a vehicle that is well above the average you shepherd. I think that’s exemplary.

“When you see me driving an Innoson, that’s part of the inspiration I get from you. If it wasn’t for safety, I would have cycled to work.

“We are taking the caution you taught us to a new level because when we came in we spent over N137m cleaning the office. Now, it costs just N11m. I can only vouch for passing on this message to worldwide.”

Obie did not speak during the Thanksgiving service because he left before the show concluded.

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