Professor Babatunde Adeyemi, Professor of Social Studies, Curriculum Studies and Educational Evaluation, called for the reintroduction of social studies into school curricula at all levels.

Tang also said social studies should be a compulsory subject in schools.

Adeyemi expressed this in his 366th inaugural speech at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Osun state. Our correspondent in Akure, the capital of Ondo state, received a copy of the speech.

He described social studies as a problem-solving discipline that helps to inculcate the desired social habits, attitudes and values ​​that any society or nation needs to survive.

He said: “Social studies’ integration of multidisciplinary intellectual structures and traditions contributes to the development of whole persons with multifaceted knowledge, skills and positive attitudes for their personal growth; and for their growth and development wherever they find themselves .

“Social studies draws on ideas from other traditional disciplines such as economics, history, geography, religion, political science, anthropology, philosophy, law, and medicine.

“These big chunks of ideas were synthesized to produce a whole. The rise of social studies was a response to the complexities of the newly industrialized world, which seemed to require the integration of the social sciences and the humanities for the purpose of civic education.” Social Studies Provides relevant ideas, information, generalizations and theories applicable to problems of human existence.

“The main aspiration of every country is the desire for rapid development, which naturally depends on the quality of leadership, friendship, honesty, self-discipline, endowment of resources, use of science and technology, rational use of human and natural resources, and above all unity and stability of the country ”

In his proposal, Adeyemi said that all levels of government should equip institutions with the necessary tools and infrastructure such as computers, computer labs and “technical assistance that will help improve their ICT literacy, because frequent computer use is The antidote to computer” anxiety. ”

He said: “All teaching staff should receive professional training to keep them abreast of innovations in their fields.

“Teachers of social studies should be more committed to their professional growth and development, as the discipline is a daily activity that emphasizes the development of the whole person based on the three domains of learning (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor).

“Workshops and seminars should be organized for teachers to expose them to a variety of teaching styles. This is necessary to help them understand the teaching styles that will lead students and students to meaningful achievement in social studies.

“Curriculum planners and implementers should place greater emphasis on content that contributes to the achievement of the SDGs.

“Parents should be educated that they are their child’s first teacher, and educational institutions at all levels should be able to organize parent-teacher conferences where parents can meet with teachers to discuss issues affecting their child’s learning outcomes.

“Lecturers should use a variety of teaching methods to disseminate facts and ideas to students. It is hoped that the implementation of this recommendation will achieve the ultimate goal of improving the teaching methods of social research outcomes.

“An enabling environment and adequate facilities should be provided for CAI as a teaching model to be utilized effectively in schools.”

There is a need to gradually introduce Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) into the Nigerian teaching process to complement existing teaching methods”

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