Mrs Eugenia Abu, former executive director of programming at the Nigerian Television Authority, has said that Nigerians vote more on the popular reality TV show Big Brother than in the country’s elections.

Abramovich made the remarks during his commencement speech at the fifth graduation ceremony of Lokoja Salem University on Thursday, where he called for greater voter education in the country.

She said she was baffled by the disparity between the BB Naija votes and those in past presidential elections in the country.

Abu added that BBNaija’s last season garnered about 3 billion votes, while no presidential election in the last four electoral cycles conducted in the country surpassed 96 million votes.

“I was appalled by the number of votes for ‘Big Brother Naia,’ an entertainment show that saw the winner of the presidential election get 96 million votes in four different election cycles, a number that hit 30,” Abu said. billion.”

She further cautioned media outlets and institutions to invest in voter education ahead of the 2023 election and beyond.

She further urged media organizations to look beyond personal interests and instead serve the interests of the nation.

“The media must be knowledgeable and able to provide citizens with much-needed information about their rights on issues of governance while holding leaders accountable,” she said.

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