Having more entrepreneurs in Nigeria would revolutionize the country’s economy, said Folusho Ilesanmi, a professor of industrial relations and human resource management at Lagos State University.

He was speaking on Thursday at a graduation ceremony entitled “Nigeria and the Employability Challenge”, organized by Mildramo Enterprises in partnership with the Lagos State Employability Trust and the American Organization for African Development.

He said: “Continuity is key. Those who have embraced it should be able to run with it, have their vision, their goals, and stick with what they’ve learned.

“I expect that in the next five years many of them will find gainful employment and, more importantly, some will hopefully establish their own businesses.

“If we had just five subject entrepreneurs in this hall, imagine the revolution that would be caused in the economy.

“I hope the program continues. I wish the organizers more success with their creative ingenuity and their continued capacity will grow exponentially.

Mr Rasheed, founder of Mildramo, said: “We have signed a long-term contract with LSETF and USADF for 2022-2024 and we have had a number of organizations approach us who want us to replicate this in other states.

“Today, we have 300 graduates from various groups and have secured sponsors to train another 1,200 young people in various fields in 2023.

“As such, we are open to partners from each organisation. We are also grateful to our partners for making this program a success and giving us the opportunity to train our young people for a better tomorrow.”

He also advises graduates to make sure they are good ambassadors for Midramo as they go out and develop themselves.

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