The Kwara Pig Farmers Association of Nigeria has announced that it will hold a “Pork Festival” on December 8, 2022 in the state’s capital, Ilorin.

Lekan Oyedepo, president of the association, said while briefing the state deputy governor Kayode Alabi on the association’s activities, adding that the festival will be held at the Latara Event Center in Ilorin.

The chairman, who led the courtesy visit of PFAN members to the vice-governor, explained that the main focus of their association is to promote the development of pork consumption and value chains related to the pig industry.

He called for “better recognition of the hog and pork value chain in the Kwalabang economy,” noting that “current industry transaction figures average N30 million to N35 million per month.”

In response, the Deputy Governor of Kwara State said that agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools for eradicating extreme poverty in the country.

According to Alabi, food security is of paramount importance to all citizens, as food is necessary for a healthy and active life.

“In addition to food production, farm animals play other important economic, cultural and social roles, providing multiple functions and services for human survival,” he said.

Arabi explained that focusing on women and youth is key to the country’s agricultural transformation, adding: “Africa is a continent of young people, with around 60% of the population under the age of 24 and women making up half of the population.

“With enormous capacity for innovation and meaningful and profitable participation in the agricultural sector, youth should be empowered and drawn into agriculture, with a particular focus on service delivery in key commodity value chains.”

The Deputy Governor asserted that the Kwara State Government will continue to work on agricultural and livestock production to boost the state’s economy and create more employment opportunities for the large number of young people.

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