Members of the Federal University Academic Staff Union in Duchinma, Katsina state, held a peaceful protest on Thursday over the current crisis between the union’s state body and the federal government.

ASUU members have also warned that prospects for Nigerian youth are bleak due to the way the federal government treats lecturers.

Union members held a two-hour general meeting earlier in the day, in which they reflected on the current crisis between the national union and FG.

After the convention, members marched on the university campus, during which they sang solidarity songs.

Lecturers also held placards with messages such as “ASUU (FUDMA) Refuses to Criminalize Legal Strikes”, “ASUU FUDMA Denies Academic Temporary Work in Nigeria”, “Punitive No Work, No Pay and Pro- – Lata salary is just a pastime”, “We are intellectuals, not temporary workers”.

ASUU members issued a statement after Thursday’s protest saying the federal government had not addressed any of the issues that led to the seven-month nationwide strike on February 14, 2022.

The statement signed on behalf of members by the institution’s union president Dr Jibrin Shagari and secretary Dr Mzungu Ignatius reads: “We wish to state to the Nigerian government and the public that this failure to enslave and humiliate academia can only bring harm to our children and the future of our country Doom, because the fate of any country rests in the hands of intellectuals.”

Meanwhile, ASUU members of Umaru Musa Yar’dua University in Katsina also condemned on Thursday the payment of half the salaries of union members of the federal university.

UMYU ASUU members speaking through Chairman Dr. Murtala Kwarah and secretary Dr Shamsudeen Bello insisted that ASUU members are not casual workers and should not be treated as such.

However, ASUU members praised the Katsina state government for paying their salaries throughout the strike.

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