All presidential candidates running for the 2023 general election should refrain from defrauding voters and instead fulfill their commitment to proposals to address the crisis facing the country, the Nigerian Christian Association recommended on Thursday.

The proposal follows CAN’s recent interactions with Nigerians of various religions, races and social classes on the country’s problems and possible solutions to them, in a document called “charter for new nigeria.’

During the just concluded interactive meeting with them in Abuja, CAN’s position on certain national issues according to the document was presented to the presidential candidates.

Among the candidates are Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (All Progressive Congress Party); Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (People’s Democratic Party); Peter Obi (Labor Party); Adewole Adebayo (Social Democratic Party) and Professor Christopher Imumolen (Concorde Party)

The President of CAN, His Eminence, Archbishop Daniel Okoh, in a statement in Abuja called on the presidential candidates who have made up their minds to execute the suggested solutions to the country’s challenges as spelled out in the charter to walk that talk seriously if elected 2023.

He said, “On behalf of the national leadership of CAN, the Christian Association of Nigeria, I sincerely commend those presidential candidates who were invited to participate in the just concluded interactive session with a view to discussing issues that will advance the common good of every Nigerian citizen.

“Their decision to meet and speak with CAN officials and other Christian leaders ahead of the 2023 general election is remarkable not only because the Church is a key stakeholder in the Nigerian project, but because it gives us a platform to collectively review our understanding The development and governance crises facing our country, and finding durable solutions to them

“CAN salutes the candour of all the presidential candidates who participated in the interactive session and charge those among them who have made up their minds to execute the suggested solutions to our national crisis as spelled out in the charter to walk that talk seriously, if elected 2023.

“However, the real issues need to be properly understood and careful planning is required to ensure that the statement does not end up as a mantra while an impatient public is counting the time – to execute.

“Given that the highest Christian body understands that Nigeria’s next helmsman will be under intense pressure to make an impact as soon as he takes office next year, we solemnly pledge to keep the door open for further discussions on how best to make these laudable ideas a reality for the benefit of public.

“Let no one misunderstand that engagement with the 2023 presidential candidate is neither a campaign plan nor an endorsement exercise. The positions we take on any issue of national concern, especially when it involves leadership and governance, are To be inclusive and respectful of our diversity as a nation.”

While wishing all presidential candidates safe and secure as they aggressively campaign for the vote over the next three months, he reiterated CAN’s commitment to keep working hard and praying for a violence-free election in 2023.

President CAN told all Nigerians to calmly listen to everything the presidential candidates have to say before heading to the polls in 2023 and judge from the depths of their conscience who can best lead the country into a new era of peace, security, prosperity and Collective progress.

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