It wouldn’t be a complete story without this part – hindsight on the journey Pro Baba Forex as a brand.

A lot of times, people ask me “how did you come up with the name”Pro Baba Forex?

Now, this is the story behind the emergence of ProBaba EA Consult and how I born the brand”Pro Baba Forex“.

First off, it’s worth noting that I’m no stranger to brand development; I’m actually pretty good at it. One of the more interesting things here is that the Internet has also made this feat a lot easier (especially for some of us who are Internet-savvy).

A few years ago I built a brand that quickly became a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry and it eventually allowed me to make a seamless transition from an up-and-coming music/producer to an experienced sound engineer in central Port Harcourt /producer and entertainer; as well as helping me gain a well-deserved place in the Nigerian entertainment industry as an authority on my craft. You can see the story here: prolific producer works hisall the way up/

The name ProMix was conceived as a simple amalgamation of these two words – 1. Professional 2. Mix because that was actually my goal at the time.

So, I wanted to be a professional mixing/sound engineer, and I didn’t do it alone; I also went on to produce and work with some of the biggest names in the industry on some game-changing projects.

As my strong passion for the financial markets later removed all my insecurities and ignorance and kept me focused on what I needed to do to succeed faster, I started thinking of a unique and appropriate brand name for my You can play the financial industry through it.

For me, it became a necessity. So, one fateful day, I said to myself, “Why don’t I just add ‘Pro’ to the brand name?”; and almost simultaneously, another thought came to my mind: “You can also use the local The vibe is incorporated into the name so that it appears tailor-made for your new craft.”

It was at that time that the ProBaba brand was born.

To go a step further and better help those who are not Nigerians and have never lived in Nigeria to understand; Baba means dad, father or old man.

We also sometimes apply it when we speak Pidgin in a certain way to denote people who are very advanced in their craft. So in this case, ProBaba simply means a professional who is very advanced in their craft – a master!

I am also very happy to tell you PROBAFX Consistently a key influencer for many of the biggest names in the financial industry it dominates, it has also spawned a fast-rising educational brand, the tried forex The academy, which has been running online for a few months now; plans to open 10 major trading floors across Nigeria in the first quarter of 2023.

As an excellent brand that understands the financial market and brand influence like the back of our hands, we are very focused on helping people understand the financial market and achieve their financial goals faster. Since our inception, we have successfully and humbly used our services to support more than 10,000 people around the world.

– William Odion
founder: Pro Baba Forex.

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