Two men, Adamu Nazifi and Dan-Azumi Ibrahim, were arraigned at the Ebute Metta Chief Magistrate’s Court for the sabotage and theft of armored cables and rail clamps worth 45m nanometers.

The accused was arraigned on three counts of vandalism, theft and willful damage to cables and track clamps.

Police Prosecutor ASP Jibo Katuka told the court that the accused committed the crime on October 20, 2022 on the Ikeja/Asokoko/Agege railway line in Lagos State.

He said they were arrested on Sunday, November 20, 2022 by officers of the state’s Railway Police Command.

Part of the charge reads, “You, Adamu Nazifi, Dan-Azumi Ibrahim and others who are now at large, on or before November 20, 2022, at approximately 2:00 am in Ikeja/Asokoko/Agege, Lagos, Magisterial District Along the railroad, there is indeed a conspiracy among you to commit felony crimes of wit, vandalism, theft, vandalism, etc. and therefore a punishable offense under Section 411 of the Penal Code of the Lagos State of Nigeria, 2015.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the offence.

Magistrate FF George remanded the defendant in custody until the next adjourned date. The case was adjourned until November 25, 2022.

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