The Lagos state government said citizens’ support is needed to update Apapa General Hospital’s infrastructure and expand its services.

State Health Commissioner Prof. Akin Abayomi said this during a stakeholder meeting held at the residence of Apapa Hospital in Lagos on Wednesday.

On behalf of Abayomi, Mrs. Joan Oluyemi, Director of Service Charter at the Ministry of Health, expressed regret at the pace of staff migration at the health facility.

He said: “For us, as stakeholders, we believe that everyone’s life will be positively impacted by our improved services and we need your support and contributions to bring about the renewed infrastructure and services we want to embark on. Extended items.

“The government has done a lot with infrastructure and staffing, but many of us understand the mantra now; a lot of our staff is moving. But the government has opened up a channel where we can keep replacing people who leave . We still don’t have enough, but we’re trying to make sure our crews are ready to serve.”

Dr Ademuyiwa Eniayewun, Permanent Secretary of the Health Services Commission, represented by Dr Yinka Otepola, said: “We seek general advice and generous contributions from residents to fulfill our mandate to provide quality healthcare to meet minimum international standards, as well as to meet the needs of residents because The government cannot do this alone.”

Dr. Ajibola Keshinro, Medical Director of Apapa General Hospital, revealed in his speech that since its establishment 58 years ago, the hospital has overcome the challenge of upgrading three times.

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