The Sokoto State Court of Appeal, chaired by Judge Mohammad Shuib, rejected an appeal filed by the People’s Democratic Party’s Zanfara gubernatorial candidate Douda Rawal, thereby disqualifying him from his candidacy.

Judge Shuaibu, ruling in a unanimous three-judge decision, said the appeal was an abuse of judicial process and lacked merit.

Shuib further explained that Lawal has no right to appeal the sentence he has complied with.

PUNCH reported that the state’s PDP gubernatorial candidate, Ibrahim Shehu, had challenged Lawal as a PDP candidate.

Shehu argued that the back-to-law elections were marred by irregularities and did not comply with the Electoral Law and PDP guidelines.

Disgruntled, he turned to the Federal High Court in Gussau, which annulled the primary and ordered the PDP to rerun within 14 days.

The PDP complied with the verdict, a replay took place and Lawal reappeared.

Shehu again appealed to the same high court, stressing that there was no election result in his favour, nor did the PDP have a gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 election.

In response, the appellant’s lawyer, Aminu Aliyu, said his client had the opportunity to appeal the Supreme Court’s decision.

Defense attorney Ndiana Anaka also said the verdict was a victory for democracy and the rule of law.

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