The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has issued a warning against the use of henna (also known as “laali”), counterfeit jewellery, outlandish clothing, etc. punch Learned.

Our correspondent has also learned that the Board made its decision after observing that this style of dress and adornment caused distractions during exams organized by the Board.

In an advisory obtained exclusively by our reporters on Tuesday, the committee said, “Henna smeared on fingers hinders smooth biometric verification of candidates’ fingers. Candidates also try to clean their delicate henna paintings, the chemicals they use Can damage the thread on the finger, making biometric verification and identity verification difficult.

“The board reiterated its ‘no biometrics, no exam rules’ stance and urged candidates to desist from any conduct that may jeopardize their chances of taking the UTME.

With regard to indecent attire, the committee warns candidates “not to dress indecently. In some cases, indecent attire can be seriously distracting to candidates, and even candidates who wear such attire may feel embarrassed because others will vote against them.” Give them an aggressive look, thus undermining their conduct in the exam.

“In some cases, it has been used to aid and abet cheating in exams. The board considers such inappropriate attire to be a serious breach of UTME ethics, adding that provocative and seductive attire and willful and deliberate exposure of the body to the public will They are no longer condoned because they are capable of distracting candidates and exam officials alike.”

The advisory lists indecent attire as including, but not limited to, “sleeveless tops, tights, shorts, sheer clothing, large-brimmed hats, counterfeit fashion jewelry, spaghetti tops, and off-the-shoulder dresses.”

The committee reiterated that pencils are allowed in UTME exam halls.

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