Suspected kidnappers have kidnapped a doctor identified as Alex Gyemwase in Zaki Biam, Ukum local government area headquarters in Benue state.

The half-brother of victim Peter Gyemwase said the suspected kidnappers broke into the doctor’s residence opposite Zaki-Biam NKST Secondary School at around 8pm on Tuesday.

The victim was allegedly a medical director at the town’s Hope and Obstetrics Clinic.

Peter said: “Yes, my brother was kidnapped at around 8pm from his house opposite NKST school in Zaki Biam.

“About four people came. One was standing in the road and three came in. He was picked along with his son and they later released him less than 30 minutes later.”

They have been calling the victim’s phone number, Peter said, adding that the number has not been connected.

“Our brother Joseph Gyemwase made a police report in Zaki Biam this morning.

Peter, who condemned the security situation in the Ukum local government area, said three kidnappings had occurred in the area.

However, when contacted by CSP Justin Gberyindyer, Commander of Operation ZENDA, it was reported that someone wanted to kidnap two people in the town, but they did not come.

Gberyindyer said he was not aware of the doctor’s kidnapping, saying he had earlier information that there was a plan to kidnap two people in the town.

“As I’m telling you now, we’re in a Zaki Biam hotspot when we hear the information we’re spreading around and they’re not coming. Unfortunately, the locals in the area always offer security to the criminals Information about the presence of personnel,” said the commander of Operation ZENDA.

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