Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje has assented the Kano Disabilities Bill 2022 recently passed by the House of Representatives.

The bill was signed into law at the weekly meeting of the state executive council at the Governor’s Palace in Kano on Tuesday.

Shortly after agreeing to the bill, Ganduj explained that it would pave the way for the inclusion and development of people with disabilities in the state.

He pointed out that the law provided for the creation of a department to oversee the affairs of persons with disabilities, and said that all six groups of persons with disabilities would be involved in the functioning of the department.

The Premier insisted the ministry would receive all the assistance necessary to operate to global standards once it was established.

He said some of the disabled were part of those selected for entrepreneurship training at the Skill Acquisition Center in Kano Dangote, with the aim of making them self-reliant and reducing unemployment.

However, the governor said street begging has been banned in the state and a committee has been formed to evacuate beggars from all nooks and crannies in the state.

The House of Representatives passed the Disabilities Amendment Act 2022 on November 16, the News Agency of Nigeria reported.

The new law provides for the creation of a department to oversee disability affairs, and also allocates 2 percent of all employment opportunities to six groups, including the physically and visually impaired.

Others include those with hearing impairments, speech impairments, spinal cord injuries, Down’s syndrome and leprosy.

The law also allows special car parks and spaces to be reserved for people with disabilities in public buildings.


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