The Edo state police command said it rescued 17 kidnapped victims along the Benin/Lagos highway on Sunday.

State police public relations officer SP Chidi Nwabuzor said in a statement on Wednesday that the three victims were still in the kidnappers’ lair, adding that efforts were underway to rescue them and apprehend the suspects.

He said: “At approximately 6.35pm on Sunday, November 20, 2022, the Edo Police Command worked hard to nip kidnapping and other related violent crimes in the state in the bud, rescuing along the Benin-Lagos highway. 17 abduction victims, between Ugbogwi and Ohosu communities in Edo State.

“At the same time, during the counting process, three other people were found missing. The rescued victims were passengers of a public transport bus traveling from the Delta to Lagos State, but were attacked and kidnapped by six herdsmen .”

Nwabuzor said nomads emerged from the bush with AK 47 rifles and pump-action guns, sporadically fired at vehicles and kidnapped 20 people.

He added, “Safer High Way Edo South crews immediately covered the long highway with a team of police, moving in the direction of the shooting, engaging the kidnappers and freeing 17 people, while three others were in the was taken into the bushes.

“In the meantime, a serious manhunt through jungle grooming tactics is currently underway to potentially rescue uninjured victims and apprehend the kidnappers.”

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