heavyweight Boxer Dillian White is determined to settle accounts with Anthony Joshua and is willing to take a pay cut to fight the former heavyweight champion.

A rematch between British rivals, who competed in amateur competition for the first time back in 2009, has been proposed for early 2023.

Revenge had been on White’s mind since he lost their professional domestic match seven years ago, so much so that he forgave his consistent pleas to play the Anglo-Nigerian again.

White told DAZN, “I’m going to fight Joshua tomorrow. I’m going to fight him for less money. Whenever I fight with him, sparks fly. We just want to beat each other.”

White doesn’t think his rivalry with the former two-time unified heavyweight champion will die as he offers to keep fighting even in old age.

“Even though I was 60, I would fight Joshua. This fight would make you and me run faster, eat better and get me to bed at 7 every day,” he said.

Before White can consider tying his series with Joshua, he must first have a tricky fight with Jermaine Franklin next weekend.

He said of the American, “He was the best opponent at the time. He was 22-0. It’s very difficult to beat someone who is undefeated. He doesn’t know how to lose. For me, it will be a game. Exciting fight.”

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