The Lagos State Ebute Metta Chief District Court has remanded brothers Daniel and Evans Sunday for allegedly administering a suspected poison to their friend Murani Talemu.

Punch the subway It is understood that Talemu died shortly after consuming the concoction given to him by his brothers in the Epe area of ​​Lagos state.

Police Prosecutor Inspector Orobosa Osagiede said police conducted a detailed investigation into the circumstances surrounding the victim’s death and arrested the brothers.

Osagiede noted that the accused confessed to the crimes, adding that the crimes violated Sections 411 and 217 of the 2015 Lagos State Penal Code.

Part of the charge reads: “You, Daniel Sunday, Evans Sunday and others who are still at large, at approximately 7:00 am on October 7, 2022, at Oba-Animashaun Street, Epe, Lagos State, The killing of a Mureni Talemu was carried out unlawfully in the Magisterial District by forcibly administering a mixture which was suspected to be poisonous to him, and he therefore committed a punishable offense under Section 217 of the Lagos State Penal Code of Nigeria, 2015.”

Magistrate Bola Folarin-Williams said the accused should be held in custody pending a recommendation from the State Attorney’s Office, adjourning the case until December 9, 2022.

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