At least three people were injured in varying degrees on Monday in clashes between a local gang, the Kalare Boys, and supporters of Vice President Atiku Abubakar, who is campaigning in Gombe for the presidency.

Three vehicles, a bus, a car and a Keke NAPEP, were damaged when they were ambushed on Pantami Stadium Road.

Usman Muritala, the propaganda secretary for the state’s People’s Democratic Party, said he did not know because he was not involved in the campaign planning.

“I wasn’t at the podium, I was just there as a party official, so I sat and watched the whole show like everyone else. There were divisions in the party, big divisions,” he said.

The trouble started after Abubakar and his entourage left Gate 2 of Bauchi’s Pantami Stadium.

Armed with machetes, swords, clubs and other weapons, Kalare boys attacked innocent party supporters on their way home.

The police guarding the No. 1 gate of the stadium quickly dispatched armed police units to the No. 2 gate to provide security for the supporters who rushed back to the stadium to avoid danger.

Many supporters were trapped at the stadium waiting for police to restore peace and order as the Karare boys blocked routes to the Batami market and government buildings, attacking passers-by.

Some female PDP supporters had to be linked to police cars to avoid being attacked by mobs.

State police public relations officer ASP Mahid Abubakar said he was on a program and could not confirm the conflict.

…I will end Boko Haram, says Atiku

Earlier, Atiku had pledged to restore peace in Gombe by ending Boko Haram’s activities and transforming the state’s dams.

He said: “I promise you, if you elect me, what we have started, I will ensure that the Dakin-Kowa Dam provides enough electricity to supply the entire Northeast. Both have the opportunity to farm.

“I will give peace back to the country because without peace all these promises I made cannot be fulfilled. I will wipe out Boko Haram. Boko Haram is nothing. We have wiped out Boko Haram in Adamawa , what is going to stop us from eradicating Boko Haram in Borno or Yobe, or anywhere in the country?

“I assure you that if you elect me, I will ensure that the Dakin-Kowa Dam provides enough electricity to supply the entire Northeast region. I will enhance agricultural production and give our farmers the opportunity to cultivate in both rainy and dry seasons.”

He pointed out that if the Nigerians grant him the mandate, he will become another Tafawa Balewa.

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