Professor Jesse Otebayo, Chief Medical Director of Ibadan University College Hospital, revealed that from 2020 until October 15, 2022, some 661 clinical staff have resigned and relocated to other countries, which has been on the rise. affect the hospital.

He offered the condolences at a media briefing in Ibadan on Monday to commemorate the hospital’s 65th anniversary.

Otegbayo said, “Every week, I get about 15 resignation letters; more nurses than doctors and pharmacists. I must admit that the turnover of health workers will continue for some time, but the consequences will not be good for Nigeria because in the future In five years, we will feel fully engaged.”

However, he noted that the Federal Department of Health had set up a committee to look at health worker retention.

According to him, the tertiary hospital management committee has also made recommendations to different committees in this regard, including asking the government to ensure that the departing personnel are fully replenished.

Otegbayo said hospitals also face challenges in delivering training, research and healthcare services including high diesel costs, uninterrupted power from the national grid, bureaucratic bottlenecks in replacing existing staff, and negative public perception and high expectations.

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