Adebayo Ojo, former judicial commissioner and attorney general of Oyo state, has said that local government self-government is contrary to the concept of federalism.

Responding to Nigerians’ recent demand for LG’s autonomy, Ojo said it just proves that Nigerians don’t understand what federalism means, adding that LG doesn’t work the way Nigerians think it does.

Ojo made the announcement on Ibadan’s IBR 92.5fm radio show over the weekend.

The former commissioner said: “The federal government is made up of constituent states or units in the federation who agree to come together to form a central government.

“There are only two levels of government in any federal system, they are just national or central government or federal and state governments. Local governments are not a single level of government in any federal system, but they are an important part of state government, which is further subdivided For smaller units, called local governments, used only for state administrative purposes.

“State governments are free to establish as much local government as they deem necessary in order to administer their respective states.”

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