The management of real estate firm Revolutionplus Property Development Company Limited said one of its subscribers, Chinnye Ibeh, did not receive an allotment in specie of the land she paid for due to outstanding payments of N1.2 million.

The company issued a statement in response to Ibeh’s claim that she paid N3.5m to Ibeh’s representative six years ago for the purchase of six plots of land at the Flourish Royal Garden in Idasho, Ibeju Lekki, but has not yet received an allotment in specie of the land to Start building on the project.

The statement read in part: “On February 24, 2017, Chineye Ibeh approached the company expressing interest in subscribing for one of the properties for sale, namely Flourish Royal Garden, Idasho, Ibeju Lekki. She received a subscription form stating The terms and conditions of the subscribers of the company’s property.

“Chineye Ibeh paid a subscription fee of N1,000,000 at our Flourish Royal Garden on 24 February 2017 for our ‘Promotion Buy Five Lot and Get One Lot Free’.

“After she started transactions using this payment in 2017, she subsequently made N4,002,000 in installments from February 2017 to March 3, 2018, leaving an outstanding balance of N1,200,000.

“Although she had an outstanding amount of N1,200,000, Ibeh received a survey in 2018 showing her block number and plot number. She then followed up by phone and email reminding her of the N1,200,000 outstanding balance in order to obtain the actual allocation of land.”

The company also stated that its representatives have never turned away any subscribers, intended customers and visitors to enter any of its offices at any point in time.

“We confirm that Ibeh started the subscription on February 24, 2017. The total amount to be paid by the subscriber is N5,202,000.00. The total amount paid by the subscriber is N4,002,000.00 and the outstanding amount is N1,200,000.00.

“The company prepared distribution documents as a deed and survey plan indicating distribution of documents; the originals of these documents are in the custody of the subscriber. We have been in communication with the subscriber and her attorney to arrange a date for a possible distribution in kind,” the statement said.

However, in a reaction to the company statement, Ibe said she owes nothing.

“The N1.2m they claim I owe is money the secretary claims to be for security but is actually for electricity and development. How can I pay development tax and electricity if the land I pay is not actually allocated? Please, let It has been six years since they gave me my land,” said the missionary.

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