Five people were killed and four were seriously injured when an articulated truck plowed into a passenger at the Oro junction in the state’s Orkney region, the Federal Road Safety Force’s Kogi State Command confirmed.

The crash is said to have been caused by brake failure at around 7.30pm on Monday.

A witness told our reporter that more people would have been killed or seriously injured, but the car being used as a brake prevented it from reaching the people sitting on the road to Ageva.

FRSC State Sector Commander Steve Dawulong said in response to inquiries from this newspaper reporter: “Sorry, I only saw your message now. I have a few days off, but I can tell you that the accident actually happened around 730pm , at the Oro junction in Okene, four people were killed (3 men and 1 woman) and four others were injured when a truck failed to brake and rammed into a passenger vehicle from behind,”

According to him, “the bodies were sent to the Okengwe General Hospital mortuary while the injured were sent away by their respective families.”

While expressing sympathy for the victims and their families, Dawulong advised fleet operators to develop practical maintenance policies and strictly adhere to them as a means of ensuring routine maintenance and the airworthiness of the vehicles before they are put on the road.

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