Rivers State Police Chief Okon Effiong has intervened in a dispute between the Umuo-Okubo clan and their Ogoni neighbors in the state’s Oyigbo local government area.

Punch the subway It is understood that recent sporadic shootings in the Umuo-Okubo clan, which comprises five communities, sent landlords and residents into a panic around 7 p.m.

Nwankwo Nwankwo, chief of the Umuo-Okobo tribe, said residents had many problems with their Ogoni neighbors, noting that most of the women in the community had left their homes after the latest attack left two people injured.

During a visit to affected clans in the Oyigbo LGA, Effiong praised the peaceful attitude of the Umuo-Okobo people in the face of repeated provocations and said steps had been taken to ensure lasting peace in the region.

He said: “Today, I come as a peace messenger. I appreciate that your people love peace, because it is not easy to always be on the defensive.

“Yes, you were outraged, but you showed very impressive restraint. I want to assure us that God will give us peace in this area.

“I told the governor that I have to be here today regardless of whether there is a fight or not. I have come. We will strengthen the Tigers in the future, whether it is personnel or weapons. If the police are taken away on special missions, we will try to get them back.

“When we have effective patrolling, it can restore people’s confidence. I will also invite important stakeholders from both sides, including traditional rulers, to a meeting to find a way to open up peace.”

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