The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Lane, has said that the recent travel warnings on the security situation in Nigeria are in line with the British government’s security support for Nigeria and Africa.

Ryan revealed this when he appeared as a special guest at the News Agency of Nigeria forum in Abuja on Sunday.

Lane said the threats that initially led to warnings to British citizens about the security threat in Abuja had been resolved and the advice had been reinstated.

This Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, halways greenuntil we realize that sSpecial Security in Abuja OneWe have now returned to green.

But the particular threat we worry about OneHave confidence already managed.

“IClearly, the Nigerian government should take the lead in this, institutionsaReply Worked really hard to get intel to process and follow leads.

our work as uk Yes Supporting Nigeria, we have a security defense partnership with Nigeria, which has many, many different aspects.

One aspect of this is support for counter-terrorism.For example, we do military training superior Anti-explosives, how about your soldiers point Dynamite, if they see one, dismantle it.

so,it is atit’s hereo supportbut obviously Nigerian government and military lead securitysaid Lane.

Responding to whether the UK government had contacted Nigerian security agencies before issuing the travel advice, Lane said the UK informed the Nigerian government before making it public.

However, if we are concerned about a security threat, we have a duty to alert our citizens.But of course, everyone can get this adviceYes, Anyone can sign up for our travel alerts.

so you have Travel advisories, everyone has travel advisories, so we talk carefully with the Nigerian government, but we also have A reminder to our citizens and anyone who wants to readsaid Lane.


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