Officers from the Federal Capital Region Police Command arrested a suspected armed robber during a robbery operation in Berger, Mpape quarry area, Abuja, on Saturday.

Our reporters learned that the arrested suspect, Isah Akuboh, was part of a gang that attempted to steal a Lexus before a pedestrian called the police.

FCT police spokeswoman Josephine Adeh described the incident on her Twitter account, saying: “A gang of armed robbers tried to kill in Berger, Mpape, Quarry snatched an unregistered Lexus but a well-meaning man who had reason to suspect their behavior called the police who took immediate action.

“Our agents pursued the fleeing assailants intensely, apprehending one Isah Akuboh and recovering a locally made replica British pistol and three rounds of 9 X 19mm parabellum ammunition.

“Investigations are ongoing and efforts have been intensified to apprehend fugitive members of the group.”

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