The National Assembly has assured Nigerians that it is committed to finding funding for the Nigerian Army to meet its major challenges.

House Army Committee Chairman Abdulrazak Namdas, represented by Committee member Ibrahim Rabah, said this during the committee’s oversight function of the Sokoto-based Nigerian Army’s 8th Division.

He pledged that the committee would work on more funding for the Nigerian army.

According to him, the army, along with other security agencies, has done a good job in combating banditry, kidnapping and other criminal activities in the country.

Rabbah, led by Maj. Gen. Uwem Bassey, the general who commanded the division, touring the various implemented projects, said the security challenges plaguing the country had subsided.

The chairman of the Military Commission expressed his satisfaction with the division’s achievements in project implementation.

In his speech, the Brazilian general said that the Army Division initiated at least 46 completed and ongoing projects.

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