John Owan-Enoh, the former chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, told critics calling for the suspension on Saturday to think twice because he has a strong support base and more people will leave the party.

He also described “with great humor” members of the All-Progressive Congress calling for his suspension without realizing how much resources, time and effort he continued to expend to maintain the party structure throughout Cross River State.

According to him, the demand that he be suspended from the party is “ridiculous and irrelevant to reality” because the Cross River APC governor’s seat does not belong to anyone and is not “anyone’s exclusive right”.

Backed by the FRY, APC members demanded that its leadership at the constituency and state levels should suspend Owan-Enoh, who represents Cross River Central in the National Assembly.

According to them, after failing to be the APC gubernatorial nominee in the last party primary, he decided to launch a tirade and lawsuit against the party and eventual winner, Sen. Bassey Otu.

But Owan-Enoh said in a statement issued by his media office that they should focus on keeping the APC in the south strong rather than chasing shadows.

“While the above circumstances appear serious, it is also very humorous that groups claiming to be members of the APC would conceive of such a move, recognizing that Senator John Owan-Eno (D- Enoh) continues to expend resources, time and effort maintaining party structures throughout the country.

“By rights, we should not indulge or react, but this is politics and every statement and action counts. First, the above-mentioned group “Return to Yugoslavia” is branched, which makes their agitation biased and contrary to the Party directives.At a time when the party should be seeking peace, an allegedly bribery group is tolerating actions that will further put the party in jeopardy.

“The Honorable Senator John Owan-Enoh, like all other members of the APC, is legally entitled to vote and be voted. First, as a citizen of Nigeria, and second, as a registered member of the APC. He therefore seeks the party’s Governor Seats are legal.Party tickets are not the exclusive right of anyone.

“To put it bluntly, the Cross River State APC Governor’s seat was never allocated to anyone. The three Senate districts are open for competition. The seven-member committee formed by the party and chaired by Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) The report of the APC clearly shows this clearly.The APC doesn’t even think about zoning nationally, and most states, including the Cross River State APC, don’t have zoning.

“The Honorable Senator John Owan-Enoh has never in his political trajectory prospered with zoning. He ran for the State Capitol and won not because it was zoned to him. He ran for the Federal House and won not because it Was partitioned to him or Etung, nor did he run for Senate and win because it was partitioned to him or Etung, so the claim that Senator Owan-Enoh profited from partition is not just a false assertion but also stems from ignorance.

“The group’s demand that the outstanding Senator John Owan-Enoh be suspended from the party is absurd and has nothing to do with reality. What is Senator John Owan-Enoh’s crime? He is seeking clarification as to why a of people who were allowed to participate in primaries and were later declared winners of the same election.

“Senator John Owan-Enoh’s actions to date are in line with the party constitution and the Nigerian Constitution as amended, and are also in line with the guidance of the electoral law. Within the provisions of the law, he did not act or violate the progress of the party. On the contrary, his behavior was even beneficial to the progress of the party.

“If we delve into the main issues, one would be surprised at the drumbeat of opposition between Senator John Owan-Enoh and those arrogant and determined people who have seen the PDP rise to power again.

“We know that the PDP is seeking in court to disqualify Senator Bassey Otu and his deputies over issues related to dual citizenship and affidavits against APC members. There are rumors that some other suites are considering disputes with the Federal High Court Submit the Certificate/Certificate Bordering.

“This alone should alarm the ‘Back to the South’ as ​​not only could their agitation be suspended, but the entire APC could be completely out of the gubernatorial race.

“The group also lacks the capacity needed to meet such demands, compromising its practical relevance. These have pushed more members from the APC to the main opposition in the south in six months. Seeking under the APC platform How do areas of power see more members defect to opposition parties whose governorships are in the Central Senate district? How do you explain that?

“Let’s assume their demands are upheld by the party leadership and the Honorable Senator John Owan-Enoh is suspended. How many people will remain in the APC before the election? As of today, Senator Owan-Enoh enjoys statewide The highest base of loyal support, he is the only one for whom even the opposition would vote for him if given the party’s governorship.

“We therefore recommend that the group focus on keeping the party strong in the south rather than chasing shadows.”

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