Labour presidential candidate Peter Obi visited Makurdi, the capital of Benue state, on Wednesday, promising that the party would rescue Nigeria from the current situation and bring things back to normal.

During the campaign, Obi addressed party loyalists at the IBB Square in Makurdi, decrying the country and the nation’s backwardness and hoping his government, if empowered, would make things better.

He said: “We will protect Nigeria and bring peace to Benue, we will make sure Benue plays a role. I know what happened to Benue; some say Benue is a civil servant, but for me, Benue Nue is one and a half times bigger than Israel and we will make this country survive like Israel under my watch. We will let Benue create wealth because we want our young people to be self-reliant and our government will be for young people Men and women serve.

“The way the Nile is to Egypt is what the Niger and the Benue are to Nigeria, so if we get the mandate, we’ll dred the Niger and the Benue.”

However, he has demanded that his supporters, who are mainly young people, be held accountable because he has vowed not to abandon them.

Likewise, the LP presidential candidate has urged Nigerians to hold him accountable for any promises he makes after winning the 2023 election.

“What I want to say to Nigerians is that I want Nigerians to hold me accountable. Our government will not stay in Abuja; it will go to America. I will listen to their problems.

“We will keep Benue State safe and bring peace. Those who want to go back to their villages will go back. Those who want to go back to their farms will go and we will support them. Our government is protecting Nigeria We will make sure to restructure Nigeria’s entire security infrastructure and we will give them all our moral support.

“The FG under Dati and I will support every state. Take what I said today, accept it. Let us take charge. We will start building a new Nigeria with law and peace.”

Separately, the state’s LP gubernatorial candidate, Herman Hembe, also urged his people to vote for him to kick out the “cheating” of the state’s ruling People’s Democratic Party.

Likewise, LP National president Julius Abre encouraged residents of Benue to ensure that every member of their household collects their permanent voter card and votes for the party.

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