The Police Service Commission has promoted Kano Bumpa County Divisional Officer Daniel Amah from Chief Superintendent of Police to Assistant Commissioner of Police.

The committee also offered him a cash reward of 1 million guilders.

Amah previously worked on a case in April 2022 where a suspect identified as Ali Zaki joined armed robbers to track down and rob a Bureau D’Change operator he encountered in exchange for $750,000.

After an investigation linked Zaki to the case, Amah was said to have obtained $200,000 through bank staff to suppress the case. However, he rejected the offer.

He was honored by the Inspector General of Police Usman Baba and President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired) for his integrity.

Speaking at a special committee plenary meeting on Thursday, PSC acting chair Clara Ogunbiyi (retired) said that while Amah was just promoted and recently honored, the committee was thrilled with his integrity and honesty.

She said: “Even though he was commended by the police and the president, we decided to do it because we are proud of what he did. I am sure the culprit would be shocked because the universality of human nature is to say why such a Young people will refuse such a large amount of foreign currency money.

“Furthermore, he was recently promoted during a general promotion, but in order to highlight the honest conduct of the force, we greatly appreciate him, and since we are legally empowered to promote him, we have decided to do so, in addition to a cash reward.

“What we’re doing today is unprecedented, so other officers should know that honesty and hard work pays off, and if we can do it openly to an officer of his nature, we can do it to any other officer too.”

She said the council’s desire was to have a police force free of corruption, and warned the PSC would not hesitate to wield a stick at erring police.

An elated Amma said he was motivated by the type of leadership the IGP provided and the passion for living a life worthy of emulation.

He said, “I must admit that this effort is not about hard work alone. The leadership provided by the IGP made it easy for me to do so. I am grateful for PSC’s promotions and cash prizes. There is nothing like living a life to emulate. Live an upright life.”

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