Mohammed Bago, Niger’s All Progressive Congress gubernatorial candidate, has pledged that his government will surpass the United Nations’ affirmative action by appointing 35 percent of women to his cabinet.

Bago made the pledge in Minna on the sidelines of the Bago/Yakubu Youth Summit on Wednesday, saying his government would be a women-friendly one.

“This government is for women. We’re going to give quite a few women the opportunity to represent women in the system. The UN talks about 35 percent affirmative action for women, and we’re going to surpass what I was in Niger state.

He further said that women have the potential to make a difference in the state, adding that many women excel in their fields.

The APC candidate said he would work with security agencies and legacy agencies to curb the insecurity threat plaguing the state.

“Security issues are too strategic, but as we work as a government with security agencies, we’re going to strengthen our cooperation with traditional agencies and security agencies to contain the threat of insecurity across the state.

“We will be in mechanized farming, we will feed ourselves and export food to the rest of the country and abroad. We have a strategic plan and a blueprint for how to transform the economy. It will not be business as usual; we have to wake up and work for ourselves, So as not to be spoon fed. We will be working around the clock so we can revise this trend,” he said.

He also assured young people that his government had a program for young people that, if exploited, would rewrite their history.

He said he would continue what this administration has already started, saying, “Where this administration is stopping, we will take it from there and move forward with it.”

Youths are demanding more political office in the next administration as they ask gubernatorial candidates to do their best to eliminate unemployment and open up more jobs for the state’s youth.

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