The crisis shaking the APA leadership took a fresh turn on Tuesday, with the party’s faction chairman Edozi Njoku so far calling on the National Independent Electoral Commission to recognize him as the party’s true national chairman.

Njoku responded to a letter written by retired Supreme Court Justice Mary Peter-Odili in a press conference in Abuja to clarify the Supreme Court’s decision on the crisis.

He pointed to a letter from the retired judge stating that Victor Oyer’s name was incorrectly written and mentioned as party chairman, which justified his allegations of falsification of the Supreme Court decision.

Njoku also called on Anambra state governor Charles Soludo and other members of the party to intervene and unite the party ahead of the 2023 general election.

He said: “I implore everyone involved, especially Victor Oyer, to put away his sword and the game is over.

“I implore the Governor of Anambra to come forward. If we do not rise to the challenge, we will have serious problems in the upcoming elections, including all upcoming elections in Anambra.

“The Supreme Court decision cannot be pushed aside unless we want to run in the 2023 election.

“If we took that risk, we would jeopardize our chances in that election because it would be an illegal exclusion.”

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