The Kano state district court on Monday ordered 20 lashes against two comedians, Mubarak Mohammed and Nassifi Barra, for defaming state governor Dr Abdullahi Ganduji. Tik Tok account.

Magistrate Aminu Gabari in his ruling also ordered the duo to sweep and wash the district court toilets within 30 days.

He further instructed to cast 20 lashes openly.

The magistrate also ordered each offender to pay a fine of N10,000 for defaming Ganduje and another N10,000 for causing a public disturbance.

Senior Sheriff Gabari similarly imposed non-custodial terms on the offenders and ordered them to create a video on social media apologizing to the governor.

Recall that these criminals pleaded guilty on Friday, November 4 to two charges of defamation and incitement to public disorder.

According to the first information report, the pair defamed Ganduje on their verified Tiktok accounts.

Prosecutor Wada Ahmad from the Kano State Department of Justice applied for a summary trial for the duo after a magistrate judge handed down sentencing on Monday.

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