Oshody Federal Institute of Industry staff regrets that the Institute’s 2021 outreach campaign has not been implemented.

rush to the subway The exercise was collected in July 2021 by the institute’s former council, which was disbanded by former Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Dr Ogbonnaya Onu.

But the new board installed in October 2021 refused to implement the promotion.

Our reporter learned that the current board, led by Alhaji Magaji Gambo, has cancelled promotions to protect the post of demoted officer Chima Igwe.

Igwe provided a fake PhD credential and received undeserved promotions and salaries for 18 years, demoted by the former board after the fraud was made public.

However, the board’s decision was not endorsed by Onu, who backed Igwe to lead the organization.

Onu later disbanded the board and installed a board led by Gambo.

President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired) has ordered the Independent Commission on Corrupt Practices and Other Related Crimes to prosecute Igwe in the matter.

Igwe is facing trial at the Lagos State Special Crimes Court Ikeja for providing false information to his employer.

Igwe’s post was declared vacant after he was demoted to chief research officer, said Togunde Oyekola, president of the Association of Senior Staff of Research and Related Institutions at University Teaching Hospitals.

He said: “The 2021 promotion was made by the previous board after two deferrals. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Head of Service, the Federal Character Committee, etc. The results were approved and a letter was sent to all successful employees.

“Unfortunately, this board was inaugurated by Ogbonnaya Onu in October with dubious interest, and in January 2022, when everyone was looking forward to the implementation of the promotion, the board issued a memorandum of suspension. , the implementation has been included in the 2022 personnel budget.

“The reason for the non-execution is that Igwe’s position was declared vacant as he was demoted to chief research officer and a promotion was made to fill the position. Ogbonnaya and the current board refused to allow the implementation.

“If the promotion is not implemented by November or December, the implementation funds in the budget may be returned and employees will be owed for two years, which is a bad precedent in FIIRO history.”

Florence Ogunleye, president of the Union and Educational Institutions Non-Academic Staff Union, said the current board was creating problems for the college.

“They keep violating the president’s directives, ignoring the fact that Igvey is still on trial,” she said. “Thankfully, the current DG helped us get our 2018 promotion salary.”

Igway attended management meetings as a director, a source at the institute said, adding that the council was trying to sow division among union members.

He said: “What happened to FIIRO is horrible. The former ministers have been involved in promotions because as soon as they are implemented, the payments will start. The board has also tried to intervene in union affairs so that they can create divisions between us.”

Our correspondent obtained a handwritten letter dated 28 October, allegedly by Igwe, in which he said he would be on leave and relinquish his responsibilities as Director of Chemicals, Fibers and Environment.

In addition to the promotion battle, this reporter learned that the Lagos-based institute has been in the dark for the past month.

The workers said the situation was due to the absence of Director General Jummai Tutuwa, who had been working in Abuja.

In a letter to the new Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Adelaide Mamora, the National Council of the Association of Senior Staff of University Teaching Hospitals Research Institute and Related Institutions asked the Director-General to be empowered to carry out her duties to Lagos.

The letter, dated September 28, 2022, was signed by the union secretary general, EO Popoola.

“An absentee CEO should be stopped,” the letter said.

When contacted, Tutuwa, the institute’s director general, did not answer our reporter’s questions.

Gambo, chairman of the FIIRO board of directors, could not be reached by phone.

Two days later, text messages sent to his line went unanswered.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Marmora said he would continue to monitor what happened at the institute.

He said: “We allow the board to do their job. As a ministry, our job is to oversee but we have a responsibility to intervene when needed. They have a director general who should handle things like this. The director general speaks directly to us Accountable; we must listen to the Director-General before making any decisions. We will closely monitor developments within the Institute.”

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