Lagos State wife Dr Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu said the union would ensure workers’ rights were not compromised and create a better working environment.

Sanwo-Olu made this as he hosted members of the organised labour movement from across the federation at the annual seminar of the Women’s Committee of the Nigerian Trade Union Congress in Lagos, according to a statement provided to reporters on Monday.

She said: “In its very nature, unionism is a tool to motivate workers and ensure their rights are not compromised, while also leading movements and dialogue to create a better working climate for the workforce.

“According to the theme, as women, our greatest asset is our voice, and as the nation prepares for next year’s general election, we must constructively use our voice to engage the system and demand our rights.

“Thankfully, in Lagos State, we have a governor who recognizes the need to create space for women to shine in their respective areas of endeavor. This is reflected in the state executive committee, permanent secretaries agency, civil servants, judicial women in key positions in agencies, legislatures and other fields.”

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