The federal government has been urged to conduct integrity tests on flood-affected buildings before allowing people to occupy such structures.

No fewer than 45,249 homes were reported to be affected by flooding in some federal states.

Some houses, including high-rise buildings, were flooded to their roofs.

said in an interview Sunday PunchAt the end of the flood crisis, such homes should be tested for integrity before people are allowed to return there, said Kunle Awobodu, former president of the Nigerian Institute of Architecture and the Society for the Prevention of Collapse in Buildings.

According to him, this will guide building collapses for occupants who return to the building without professional inspection.

“With recent developments, shoddy buildings will not be able to withstand flooding,” he said.

“Such buildings, if they survive a flood, will need to recheck their stability after the flood has receded, because during a flood there will be some erosion of the foundations and the soil under the foundations may have also been eroded.

“This can lead to defects in the building. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the soil around the building and under the foundations will not be eroded. These are the most important preliminary tests and should be carried out so that the occupants of the building are not exposed to unnecessary danger. .

“In addition, there is the fear of chemical reactions. When there is a flood, the water carries different chemicals, oil from chemical workshops, fertilizers, etc., and after several days of erosion, chloride and sulphur, this can affect the building There is a response. So these things need to be checked before allowing occupants to return to their buildings.”

Likewise, Steven Jagun, Deputy Chairman of the Real Estate Surveyors and Appraisers Registration Board of Nigeria, said adequate integrity testing is required before occupants are allowed to return to their buildings after flooding.

“In simple science, if water soaks anything, it affects it. Even if a building isn’t built, if water soaks it in over time, it will start to crack. The iron in the building will be lost. Its strength. Sometimes the effect may not be felt immediately, but over time the building will start to give way. So one would be better off doing an integrity test to see how strong the building is to make sure it’s still safe to live in ,” he added.

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