Edo Governor Godwin Obaseki has announced the automatic hiring of 15 top graduates from Uzaru Edo State University.

Obaseki made the announcement at the agency’s fourth convocation ceremony in the state’s Etsako West local government area, praising the school’s achievements in learning and research.

He said: “As usual, this group of 15 students in the first class are all automatically enrolled in the Edo state civil service; your job is waiting for you.

“We have established a standard that any graduate with top grades from any of our universities in Edo state should be automatically employed in our public and civil service. We want to build quality human resources.

“As we mark the fourth graduation ceremony of Uzalu Edo State University, the institution continues to forge a path in teaching and research in Nigeria. This academic year has been challenging, but we celebrate our first graduate students today.

“Over the past six years, we have put a lot of emphasis on education. We have continued to implement transformational reforms in the basic education sector because we believe the foundations of education must be solid.”

He continued: “As a government, we are now prioritizing technical and vocational education because we believe that to build our country, our education system must now focus on developing people who can use their hands and skills in the workplace.

“Unless we strengthen the educational foundation of this country by strengthening basic education and promoting TVET, we will not have the strong human capital base we need.

“Our vision for higher education institutions is that we should be able to compete with the best institutions in the world in delivering contemporary education relevant to the country.

“The university continues to achieve impressive milestones in self-reliance and sustainability. I am very impressed with the success so far.”

Tonnie Iredia, former director of the Nigerian Television Authority, commenting on a conference speech titled “Fake News: Rethinking the role of mainstream and social media in national development,” said, “There is a need to ensure that journalistic ethics are upheld on media platforms, and the It conducts its activities socially responsibly in order to provide the best content to the masses so that they can use their best judgment in elections and other areas of life.”

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