A 49-year-old Prince Rafael Admora was selected as the 16th Aire in Osun State on Friday after being elected as a warrant officer.

According to reports, the new Aree from the Oyekun Consulate was elected by a warrant officer at a meeting overseen by some officials from the Boripe North Local Council Development Authority Iree.

He succeeds Oba Jimoh Olayonu who passed away on July 8, 2018.

Meanwhile, Airy’s kingmaker has rejected the process of producing a new monarch, accusing the state’s local government and chiefs affairs commissioner, Mr Bayo Adelek, of imposing his preferred candidate.

One of the town’s kingmakers, the Ogun chief of Airy, Saliu Atoyebi, speaking to reporters on behalf of the Airy Council, further said: “As far as we are concerned, they are not in Airy. Elect any king. What they should do, is to bring the feudal lords of the four royal families before us (the king maker)…Let’s go and ask the oracle.

“All this is not done. They claim that what they are doing today is not the correct process for the appearance of Iree. On 24 October 2022, the government sent us a notice that due to the death of one of the kingmakers, they wanted to appoint Iyalode as Warrant Officer, we strongly refuse because women cannot be part of the kingmaker.

“Afterwards, Mr. Bayo Adelek, Commissioner for Local Government and Chiefs Affairs, held a meeting at the palace, threatening us all and promising to return on October 28 to force us to obey his orders. We recorded his speech to us. threat, so we had to hide.”

However, when contacted by Local Government and Chiefs Commissioner Adlerk, he said the kingmakers had abdicated their responsibilities, adding that the appointment of chief warrant officers was necessary as the government had the power to act when faced with such a situation. action.

On three occasions, he said, there was a meeting for the kingmakers to elect a new monarch, and on those occasions they refused to attend, insisting that due process be followed when appointing a new monarch.

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