Nigeria United Political Party Coalition calls on former President Olusegun Obasanjo not to abandon Nigeria but to intervene in Nigeria political situation to ensure a seamless transition to the 2023 election.

CUPP spokesman Ikenga Ugochinyere said this during a courtesy call to the former president at the penthouse at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

A statement on Friday by Obasanjo’s special media assistant Kehinde Akinyemi quoted Ugochinyere as saying that the visit had become important to brief the “Father of Nigeria”, especially as it was in line with his recent criticism of the alleged ruling party. The party attempted to interfere in the electoral process.

A CUPP spokesman said he wanted to visit the former president “and report on the political situation, particularly the ruling party’s plans to rig the election and subsequently throw the country into chaos.”

“So, I came to him (Obasanjo) and called on him not to give up Nigeria, he should continue not to give up Nigeria, as he did for Africa. He should make sure that through his advocacy there is peace around 2023 transition and put pressure on the government that the upcoming elections must be peaceful, free, fair and credible,” Ugochinyel said.

Ugochinyel added that he came “to let him know that I will be running for the election and to seek his fatherly blessing, but above all to thank him for his role in ensuring peace in Africa.”

“Baba has been in Ethiopia in recent days, going to Congo for an investment push and again to South Africa for his peace mission, so we asked him to replicate that in Nigeria,” he said.

“Baba must pay serious attention to Nigeria as we move towards 2023 to ensure a democratic and peaceful transition of power.”

Ugochinyel hinted that Obasanjo’s response had lifted his spirit for the country, saying: “Baba listened to my letters attentively and he responded to all my requests one by one. In conclusion, he promised Intervention in all areas needed for a peaceful transition in 2023.”

Regarding his views on the world’s elder statesman, Ugochinyel said he sees a man full of energy and willing to get things done.

He said: “I saw a guy who was very strong and ready to hit the road again. I was amazed that he kept getting local and international calls for one kind of help after another when I was with him.

“I saw a man with a lot of energy that led me to conclude that if he were the man in the saddle of Nigeria today, our economy wouldn’t be where it is now. Unlike those who came after, he still had the mental stability and Ability to work.

“Everything I’ve seen, I have the courage again to say that Baba should not forget Nigeria, he should continue to intervene and he confirmed that he will continue to intervene to keep Nigeria in its place.”

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