All Progressive Congress presidential candidate Bola Tinubu plans to hold a campaign rally in Imo State on Monday, Nov. 21, 2022.

Tinubu will be in the southeastern states — Imo and Anambra — on Monday, January 30, according to the presidential campaign schedule released by the APC Presidential Campaign Committee.

This is in the stay-at-home order for the Biafra Aboriginal people in the area.

The IPOB had announced a stay-at-home order in August 2021 to protest and demand the release of its embattled leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who is on trial by the Nigerian government on treason and terrorism charges.

fist Monday is typically a day when activity in the Southeast is paralyzed, with many staying at home or using the day to observe certain meetings, the report said.

According to the revised Tinubu campaign schedule, a series of rallies will be held at Delta (19), Imo (21), Adamawa (24), Ogun (26), Enugu (29) and Sokoto (30).

Between December 4 and 10, the campaign will begin its international engagement with Diaspora stakeholders.

However, when asked why the schedule was revised again, Tinubu’s campaign spokesman, Festus Keyamo, told our reporters that the schedule of events and dates is a working draft and is still subject to further adjustments.

He said: “Because of human nature, they can all change or correct as we progress. For example, no one expected a flood. But it came, and all of a sudden, it slowed activity and so on.

“So it’s a working draft. At least, we have a draft to work with. My last comment on this is that it’s Ceteris Paribus. That said, all things being equal.”

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