Real estate firm Rolad Properties and Allied Services has unveiled its housing unit project in Ogun State to address the country’s housing shortage.

When commissioning its 24-hectare housing project marked “Idera de”, the company rebranded its logo.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Oladotun Oloyede, founder of Rolad Properties and Allied Services, described the company’s latest project as a milestone with many benefits for investors and individuals.

While expressing its commitment to helping many people become homeowners, he said: “Furthermore, the appreciation of this investment will be very rapid due to the infrastructure we bring here. We are on the way to completion at around 1.5 million naira. Some of the projects Fei does can’t be less than 2.5 million naira and that’s what’s going to happen here in 12 months.

“There are also different types of building plans, patio duplexes, and even service plots for individuals who want to build their own.”

Oloyede spoke about the social impact of housing projects, including renewable energy.

He said: “We will be powering this estate with renewable energy, which means less emissions and minimal ozone depletion. In addition, there will be less mass pollution in the environment.

“It’s a 151-unit apartment, expandable to 1,000, which will directly or indirectly engage at least 5,000 people who will then earn income. We are contributing to the financial economy of Nigeria.”

Oloyede said the company plans to work with the community to improve road infrastructure for comfortable access.

Oloyede explained that the company will incorporate a pension equity strategy to enable clients to acquire properties by working with PMI. Olusanjo Fawole, associate partner at Ubosi Eleh+ Co, who also spoke at the event, said: “This shows that individuals and corporate organisations can contribute or help to alleviate the housing shortage in Nigeria.

“So what Rolad has done is huge, although its contribution may seem insignificant compared to the huge disparity in the real estate industry. But it will go a long way towards ensuring people are settled and have property on their heads.”

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