The People’s Democratic Party has unveiled the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Committee in Awka as part of an effort to get the people of the Southeast to vote for former Vice President Atiku Abubakar in the 2023 presidential election.

At the unveiling in Oka on Wednesday, Professor Obiola Okonkwo, director-general of the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Committee, said the Southeast cannot get the nation’s president through emotion and anger unless it engages with other geopolitical regions. Position.

In his acceptance speech, Okonkwo instructed every member of the campaign committee to go out and campaign for Atiku and not be afraid of the other two presidential candidates from the region.

Okonkwo said: “This journey is important, you all swore it. Emotions, anger, not giving election results, it’s calculation and patience that makes one win. Any decision made today may seem reasonable and will Consider for us later.

“You don’t have to be afraid of anyone or any other candidate, this state belongs to us all. Your party is an institution and our presidential candidate is not hard to sell, so why should you be afraid because other parties have people from Anambra presidential candidate?

“I accepted as Director General of the Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Committee because I have full confidence in Atiku and his ability to carry out his duties. Atiku will restructure Nigeria and if he does, our problems are 50% resolved.

“I am not speaking as someone who has benefited from this system, but as an independent, hard-working Igbo. We need someone who knows the problem and is ready to fearlessly save Nigeria.

“No one in Africa intervenes more than Atiku, but he is humble and loyal and doesn’t even defend himself in the face of negative attacks. Every vote matters in this election, and we are going to work aggressively to help Atiku Abubakar and PDP to win the election.”

In addition, Senator Ndi Obi, former Presidential adviser to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Chairman of the Anambra State Presidential Campaign Committee, said it was time for all PDP members to make sacrifices to save the country .

He said: “As chair of the 2023 campaign committee, I will not let you down. Every member should manage his or her polling unit and everyone must deliver their polling place.

“With the talent we have here, we will be able to deliver Anambra. I implore those whose names are not with us. They are part of what we are doing and will not be forgotten whether their names are on the list or not.

“This is a time of sacrifice. Our party is the opposition and we have to use anything to save the country, it has to be used to save it. Don’t let anyone fool you, Anambra is a PDP and in February I believe we will Prove we are the local party. Do what you can to make the party proud.

“Atiku wasn’t hard to sell, he was a man who showed love and trust to the Igbo people. He chose me as his running mate in 2007 and Peter Obi in 2019. That’s what he said to Igbo. Bo’s level and confidence. Atiku remains the Igbo’s most reliable means of becoming president.

“Atiku still chose an Igbo from the Delta state due to the embargo on Igbo as vice president. Let’s campaign hard for Atiku, if Okova becomes vice president, he’s ours Next door neighbor. Although we have brothers running, the PDP is still grassroots.”

One of the party’s female leaders, Chief (Mrs.) Josephine Anenih, said in her speech that Nigeria cannot afford another eight years of APA rule in its next term.

She told Ndigbo that the 2023 presidential election is not about emotion or anger about whose turn should govern, but about engaging with people in every geopolitical district, which, according to her, Ndigbo did not do.

She said: “APC’s candidate is our only problem and threat in the 2023 presidential election and every other candidate is undermining us. God forbid, let this country see APC rule for another eight years, even in Not even under Bola Tinubu.

“I was pained when they said it was Igbo’s turn because it wasn’t a question of whose turn it was. Politics doesn’t take turns, it needs to engage with the people to get what we want.

“Before this, the Ndigbo people slept for months and came out for elections without doing any strategy or consulting with other regions. The people should not be carried away by anything, the only hope for Ndigbo and Nigeria is support A restructured candidate who is a shortcut to what we want, and this candidate is Abubakar Atiku.”

The party kicked off the gathering with a large march around the state capital.

Several politicians attended the event, including Senators Uche Ekwunife, Dan Ulasi, Felix Oli.

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