Some women leaders of the Gombe People’s Democratic Party have called the party’s former female leader a bluff by threatening to defect to the All Progressive Congress ahead of the state’s 2023 general election.

The group, Gombe PDP Women’s Solidarity Congress, also announced its support for the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Hon. Mohammed Barde described the threat as hollow.

Five former female ex officio members of the party, led by Ms Mole Istifanus, are said to have threatened to leave the party, accusing them of being negligent.

However, in a statement to reporters in Kaduna on Thursday, the group’s president, Hagia Hadissa Moussa, said the threats from the party’s female leaders were “an empty threat to Bard by renegade politicians, made by Sponsored by candidates who were defeated in the last PDP. Primary, they have no regard for sportsmanship”.

She noted that a smear campaign against the state’s gubernatorial candidate’s gangs and sponsorships will fail, noting that only God can prevent Balder from winning in the upcoming polls.

“If Budd, our Gombe 2023 PDP gubernatorial candidate, was not a strong-willed politician, he would have lost interest in the race by now, given the combination of his rivals and their well-functioning media propaganda machine.

“I think his opponents, who are operating in the dark, have lost this game while spending resources, time and energy without success.

“Those who have united against the PDP governor’s standard-bearers are operating in the shadows with a multi-million naira budget. They will fail miserably because the masses, who are the majority of the Gombe electorate, firmly support Lord Bald; don’t forget that we have received a large number of of female defectors join the PDP,” Musa said.

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