Firefighters in Osun state have denounced the poor condition of the road leading to Osoboalekuvodo, where the blaze destroyed two buildings and destroyed properties worth millions of naira on Thursday.

Affected buildings; one single storey and one multi storey, placed side by side, for the placement of upholstery and furniture materials, were completely leveled.

According to residents of the area, smoke was observed from one of the buildings around 2:00 a.m.

Firefighters lamented the lack of access to fight the blaze from multiple fronts and blamed the extent of the damage on delays calling their services.

when rush to the subwayvisited the site of the blaze and saw residents lamenting the damage as firefighters struggled to put out the blaze.

Osun Federal Fire Service operations commander Isaac Adhoby said in an interview with this reporter that his office was contacted at about 2:30 a.m. after some residents struggling to put out the blaze were out of ideas.

He said: “We arrived at exactly 2.30am after the SOS call. The fire must have started earlier and no one called us until 2.30am. Our office is about 2km from us and we Got a call right away.

“People are putting out the fire themselves before they call the fire department. It’s when the fire is out of their control that they call us.”

Osun Fire Department public relations officer Ibrahim Adekunle also told our reporters that due to the poor layout, firefighters were not able to access the affected buildings from behind, which hindered them from fighting the blaze. s hard work.

Adekunle also noted that the cause of the blaze was not known, saying it was contained and warned people living near the scene to stay away from the affected buildings as they were fragile and could collapse.

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