The federal government only pays University Staff Union-sponsored lecturers for 18 working days in October, fist Gathered exclusively.

Speaking to our reporters in strict secrecy, lecturers and senior members of ASUU pointed out that the government only pays half of salaries.

fist It has been reported how ASUU called off an eight-month strike on October 14, 2022. The union is encouraging lecturers to return to work the same day.

Speaking to our reporter, a senior member of the National Executive Committee said: “We were only paid for a few days after the strike. I received half my salary. Other members are now angry and they accuse the NEC of calling off the strike. “

Another member confirmed the development, saying: “Yes, it’s true, I received half my salary. The government seems ready to kill unionism in the country, but we are ready for them.”

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